The Importance of Water in Training MMA

via The sad fact is, that pretty much everyone underestimates just how vital water is to the body. Everyone knows that they need it. Everyone has an idea of how much that it should be, but do people really know why? Well, put it this way, every single organism needs water to survive. Human beings […]

A New Pop Warner Season Means NEW Hydration Reminders

via August 1 is right around the corner. We as a association should already be preparing our children for the grind of football and cheer. This includes increasing water intake all day, analyzing nutritional input, getting the kids out in the heat of summer and hopefully getting them some conditioning done in advance. If […]

Understanding The Hydration Pyramid

Understanding that we humans may survive 4-6 weeks without food but that same person can only survive a week or less without water is absolutely amazing. When you add the variable of intense athletic competition, it’s even more crucial to keep your body fueled with it’s #1 necessity. Recent research and understanding of effective water hydration […]

Hydration Swagger with TeamSafe Gear: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good… and Hydrate.

How far will an athletes perception take them? Through the years, we have seen a huge increase in the attention paid to an athlete’s “swagger” – how they appear and the way their gear appears during competition. This perceived outward persona that an athlete carries with them during competition trickles into their confidence, mindset and ultimately […]

Four Important Hydration Strategies For Football Players

With the NFL divisional playoffs underway, we wanted to send a reminder to all football athletes about the importance of hydration during competition. Even at the highest level the same rules apply. When in humid or hot conditions competing at the highest level, it could be easy for NFL players to take for granted the […]

TeamSafe Gear on #Hydration Requirements for Indoor Sports

When exercising, the body’s heat production is 15-20 times greater than at rest. This can be elevated even further by conditions faced when training or working out indoors where there is little air movement, causing need to have the proper hydration systems in place. This causes heat to build up around the body making you […]

Here’s Why Water Should Be Every Athlete’s #1 Wellness Product

Water is the greatest substance in our body. It accounts for approx. 60 percent of your body weight. It is an essential part of your daily diet. The body doesn’t store water so it must be constantly replaced An adult needs at least eight cups of water every day, more when the weather is hot […]

TeamSafe Gear Hydration Safety Spotlight Pt. 1

Our parent company IBC has been a proud vendor to The Coca Cola Company for many years, providing SIDELINE GEAR for the POWERADE Brand. We were very pleased to participate along with the POWERADE team in providing the 2016 RIO OLYMPICS Athletes with HYDRATION EQUIPMENT. Fifty Two countries participated in the remarkable events and all […]