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Water Bottles, Sport Bottle Carriers, Cup Holders, Coolers, Jugs, and Carts

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Custom Carrier  4 Pack

10 Gallon Igloo Jug Cooler

Single Hydration Cart

Double Hydration Cart

Igloo 48 Qt Ice Chest

Igloo 5 Gallon Jug Cooler

10 Gallon Jug Cup Holder

Igloo 60 Qt Rolling Cooler

Sport Bottle – 24 Pack

Custom Caps & Apparel

Hydrate for Life

Hydrate for Life

Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints.

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Hydration products including water bottles and carriers, coolers, carts and water jugs from TeamSafe Gear™ provide the youth athletic industry with the same high quality, sideline hydration equipment used by collegiate and professional sports teams throughout the country and around the world.


To promote increased performance, safety, and team spirit in youth and amateur athletics, TeamSafe Gear™ offers its custom-branded hydration gear to amateur and school athletic organizations at affordable prices.


Custom Hydration Packages From TeamSafe Gear™
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In this highly competitive era, parents are increasingly concerned with the safety of their young athletes, especially when they are engaged in contact sports. Most sports injuries can be directly or indirectly linked to dehydration during exercise.


Maintaining optimum body temperature is essential to minimizing or avoiding injury when an athlete is experiencing physical stress. During intense exercise, the body sustains optimal temperature through sweat. This action reduces the risk of heat stress and helps to maintain normal muscle function. When the body expels water through sweat, it must be replaced or a decrease in physical and mental performance will occur due to dehydration.


Physical safety in sports can often be attributed to the split-second decisions made by athletes on the field. As an athlete develops skills over time, physical movement decisions can be conditioned through training, but even then, physical exhaustion can lead to errors that impact their safety as well as the safety of other players. Physical exhaustion is a symptom of dehydration. This is one of the reasons why schools and professional teams employ certified athletic trainers.


Good hydration starts hours before field activity begins. For the safety of their children, it is imperative for parents to take an active role in teaching them the importance of good hydration and nutrition, especially during seasonal sports activities.


After several decades of manufacturing and distributing hydration gear and other sporting goods equipment to major brands, IBC Worldwide has turned its attention to serving the Youth Athletic industry by developing TeamSafe Gear™, where the team is the brand. Custom, personalized sideline hydration equipment with the team logo emblazoned on the bottles, coolers, carts, and water jugs, boosts morale and establishes visible team identity.


TeamSafe Gear™ provides customized sideline hydration equipment that offers young athletes the same equipment used by collegiate and professional sports teams. We provide the same professional equipment to major brands such as Powerade® and Muscle Milk®. Now we offer custom sport bottles, sport bottle carriers, coolers, and hydration carts for all youth and adult sports teams.


Equipment branded with team logos and mascots has proven to build team spirit.


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