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TeamSafe Gear™ is an e-commerce sports store that offers custom-branded sports health, hydration products, and training equipment as well as other sports-related gear for youth athletic programs. TeamSafe Gear™ is a division of IBC Worldwide Inc., a product design, development, and procurement company promoting leading consumer brands since 1972.

IBC Worldwide has a long history of manufacturing sporting goods and promotional products for major brands that include Coca-Cola®, Shell Oil, Everlast®, Century Martial Arts®, Powerade, and The Kellogg Company®.

IBC began by developing a line of youth-oriented athletic gear called AIR GAMES. The products were designed to introduce young children to the basic skills needed before engaging in athletic pursuits with real sports equipment.

Air Games brought indoor & outdoor inflatable sports toys to the sports store marketplace to allow children to safely engage in football, soccer, basketball, boxing, volleyball, water polo, and other sports without fear of injury. IBC distributed these products through major sporting goods chains such as Dicks Sporting Goods®, Sports Authority®, and Modell’s Sporting Goods®as well as mass merchandising outlets that included Toys R Us, Walmart, and K-MartSM.

In 2004, IBC brought its product design and manufacturing skills to The Everlast Company to design or re-engineer products such as punching bags, free-standing heavy bags, boxing rings, heavy bag stands, training gloves, and many other items.

The IBC design of the freestanding heavy bag in 2004, became the industry standard of today. IBC engineered the product that had previously required a packing size that was 48” x 22” x 22”. This increased the cost by adding considerable volume weight. IBC designed its bag to be 22” x 22” x 22”, which dropped the volume weight considerably and reduced the retail cost from $149.99 to $89.99, offering a considerable price advantage to consumers.

In 2016, IBC began focusing on Youth Athletics by turning its attention to the need to promote safety through hydration for the more than 44-million kids in the USA involved in youth athletic team sports, which gave impetus to the development of a TeamSafe Gear sports store.

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Through our parent company IBC Worldwide, we have partnered with many exceptional brands and provided dynamic products & training equipment.