HAVE YOU HEARD? Check out this article and read about how Coca Cola is teaming up in a big way to help Bodyarmor grow their brand.

February 25, 2019

Cute Dog, huh?!

Now that we got your attention… it seems that a new sport drink is taking the market by storm.  With a beverage giant on their side you’re about to hear a lot more about this new and aggressively growing brand. 

” The year is 2025. LeBron Jr. is headlining the slam dunk contest. Tom Brady just won his seventh Super Bowl MVP. Bryce Harper has narrowed his free agency decision to two teams. And Gatorade has gone the way of Sprite Remix and Surge. Just another sugary drink lost to the annals of history. Why, you ask? While that may sound like an unlikely scenario on the surface, don’t tell BodyArmor. It might take several years to vault over its well-established competitors, but in the meantime BodyArmor will strive to carve out a major market share while battling health conditions like obesity and dehydration. Because the upstart number three sports drink in the United States, BodyArmor, is plotting a complete takeover by 2025. Its crusade is a bet on a healthier America, but it’s relying on some help from a soft drink giant to do it. ” ….read the full story by Ben Beecken of Grandstand Central https://grandstandcentral.com/2019/sections/money/bodyarmor-is-the-sports-drink-that-could-change-everything/ 

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