New Partnership with Alaskan Pop Warner

March 5, 2017

We’ve recently formed a great relationship with the head of Alaskan Pop Warner for both Football & Hockey. It’s amazing how the digital world has served people and products of all sizes, connecting people across the country or world to fill demand. We’re committed to taking part in that growth in new and exciting ways.

This new partnership is great for TSG on a few levels.

  1. OUR MISSION IN ACTION: We’re continuing to get such strong feedback from Youth Athletic Programs about TSG products. This idea of customized hydration gear is something that youth athletes and coaches really love. We’re working hard to break through and educate customers on both the safety aspects of products, but also the impact that they’re having on team spirit. We can’t stress how much positive feedback we’re getting from parents, coaches and kids. It’s the driving force behind what we do.
  2. AFFORDABLE SHIPPING TO ALL REGIONS: We’ve refined our shipping operations to better serve the outlier states, Alaska & Hawaii. It’s always been a challenge for customers living in these states to have access to affordable products because they always get killed on shipping rates. We admit this is a tough puzzle to solve, but due to a new relationship with USPS – we’re able to now deliver our products to these states for exceptionally competitive rates. In this case of our new buyer in Alaska who serves as the head of the states Pop Warner program, he was thrilled with our ability to be flexible and cooperative in finding a solution for him.

It’s a real pleasure for us to be working with Alaskan Pop Warner on some of our finest product designs yet. As we continue to grow our online presence we’re reaching more people in more places while improving our manufacturing process to churn out our best products ever. Thanks for reading.