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TeamSafe Gear Salutes… People Making a Difference!

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TeamSafe Gear Salutes… People Making a Difference!

Max Levitt knows the importance of participation in Team Sports for young people and he wanted to level the playing field.

As a former equipment manager for Syracuse University Football, he saw how much equipment was going to waste every year and it inspired him to find a better use for it….

Levitt created LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD, a non-profit organization that gives gently used SPORTS GEAR to students through schools, leagues, and after school programs in economically challenged communities where parents have a hard time affording the cost for their kids to enter YOUTH ATHLETIC PROGRAMS. LPF provides them with an opportunity that they otherwise could not afford.
When the owners of TeamSafe Gear heard about Level the Playing Field on CBS Morning News they wanted to reach out and do something to support their efforts.
Participation in sports should be made available to children of all ages, abilities and financial means and LPF is doing their part.

Join TeamSafe GEAR in supporting this worthwhile effort. All sales made with the coupon code “LPF” through our online store at from now through Dec 31st will have 10% of the proceeds donated to Leveling The Playing Field.

TeamSafe Gear is an ecommerce platform that offers custom decorated sideline hydration gear for youth athletic programs in order to incentivize safety through hydration and increased team spirit.

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Here are some of the many benefits of involvement in Team Sports…
• Character and moral principles are formed through fair play.
• Helps to create friendships that otherwise might not have been formed.
• Unites people from all over the world, regardless of their nationality, religion, culture, or skin color.
• Provides excellent opportunities for teamwork and social interaction.
• Competitions on and off the field create opportunities to learn from success and failure.
• Teaches respect for authority, rules, team colleagues and opponents.
• Helps build positive self- esteem.
• Provides Stress reduction, feelings of physical and mental health and well-being.