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TeamSafe Gear: A New Way To Purchase Customized Hydration Equipment

We’ve been working with large consumer brands for a lot of years. It’s a living but doesn’t feel like we’re adding much to the world. We feel that in combination with providing athletes and youth with a safe means to compete and stay hydrated, that creating stylish team branded, top quality equipment is the best way to do that. TeamSafe Gear came about in recognition of the need to promote hydration in all team and youth athletics. More hydration on the sidelines means increased safety and better athletic performance.

At the center of our idea is offering the ability to put your own team graphics on professional grade sideline gear. To make this viable for all teams and school athletic programs we are cutting the minimum order quantities of items by as much as 75% so that everyone can afford to have their team graphics on these products.

We’ve come across so many parents, program directors and AD’s that have been held to large minimum order quantities and have not purchased custom hydration equipment because of this. We’re here to offer a different way to buy hydration that is more affordable, easier to access and provides best design quality.

Our hope is that by promoting a sense of team pride it will increase consumption of water and sport drinks and make them easily available to everyone. Thank you for checking out our website and we hope to be communicating with your school or organization as customers of TeamsSafe Gear soon!

– TeamSafe Gear