Hydration Research (Remembering Korey Stringer)

March 4, 2019

Teamsafe Gear promotes good hydration practices for Athletes. Good hydration = good performance on the field as well as increased safety.  Many of our customers are professional Athletic Trainers and Coaches and they are a great resource for information. If you have something to share please send it to us.  A great research center for hydration is the Korey Stringer Institute at UConn. Korey Stringer was a Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman who passed away from heat stroke during practice. Since that time his wife, Kelci, has worked hard to create this heat stroke prevention institute in his honor.  The Korey Stringer Institute provides research and education to athletic performance, increased safety and to prevent sudden death from over exertion. 
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Here’s some video content that talks a bit about Korey
Also here’s some valuable information from the Korey Stringer Institute:
Hydration is an important part of their research: https://ksi.uconn.edu/prevention/hydration/#