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  • 100% Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Adjustable height provides low setting of 30″ and high setting of 36″
  • Holds 5 or 10 gallon cooler on top surface
  • Includes anti-slip rubber pad to hold coolers in place during transit
  • Interior Compartment holds jug coolers, or ice chest, medical supplies, towels, etc.
  • Body is a fully welded steel assembly: only requires attaching legs, wheels, handles.
  • Corrugated & Foam packaging tested to ISTA standards
  • Assembly instructions in English & Spanish

Please call for freight quote if ordering more than 1 cart so we can save you money

Hydration carts from TeamSafe Gear™ offer the most efficient method of delivering water and sports drinks to on and off-field positions to hydrate your team members the instant they need it. Making both water and sports drinks available on the sidelines in high-action team sports that include football, soccer, baseball, and basketball is necessary to manage dehydration and imbalances from the continual loss of essential electrolytes such as sodium and potassium during intense energy-draining play. Failure to do so decreases athletic performance and increases the risk of injury.

Hydration carts designed by TeamSafe Gear are made of high-end steel to accommodate the needs of teams requiring practical transportation of hydration gear from the locker room to the playing field. These dependable, rugged hydration carts are easily portable, hydration dispensing stations for on and off-field use.

The TeamSafe Gear single hydration cart is designed to hold a 5 or 10-gallon jug cooler on the top surface secured with a rubber anti-slip pad and retaining walls. A second jug cooler fits in a convenient compartment below. Adequate space is provided for other sideline gear around the sides of the coolers. The adjustable height feature assures that indoor height adjustment accommodates the needs of indoor courts and arenas while extending the height for outdoor fields.

The double cart holds up to two, 10-gallon jug coolers on the top surface and more jug coolers or ice chests in lower compartments where ample room is provided for additional gear storage. The top surface is also built with standard cup holders, an anti-slip pad, and retaining walls. The double cart is designed to meet NCAA standards for indoor courts. Its height can be extended by an additional eight inches through the easy-to-use drop down legs for use on larger outdoor fields.

TeamSafe Gear hydration carts are available with full team graphics customization using high-end 3M vinyl wraps or magnets. Many teams use the compelling graphics as an incentive for sponsors to provide on-field co-branding with the team on a seasonal basis.

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