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Sport Bottles -24 PACK Premium 32 oz with Custom Wrap ($6.25 each)

TeamSafe Gear™ offers sports bottles made in the USA.

  • BPA/BPS Free Polyethylene- FDA Compliant/Recycle Code 2
  • Translucent View Stripe to see contents level
  • One way valve opens when you squeeze, closes when you release hands, for sanitary drinking
  • Bottle colors: White, Black, Royal Blue.
  • Lid color: Black

The graphics are printed on high-grade vinyl manufactured by the 3M Corporation using 3M IJ-35, a high-end aggressive adhesive. The custom vinyl decals are made of the same materials used for decorating race cars, trucks, and vinyl flooring. It is long- lasting, UV protected, waterproof, and scratch resistant. Custom sports bottles are commonly seen on the field of play at team sporting events. They are not personal water bottles used by individual players but are specially designed recyclable plastic bottles used by athletic trainers to dispense doses of water or sports drinks to players as needed. In USA football, you’ll see team trainers run out on the field during “timeouts” to attend to the needs of players. In European football (Soccer), players are constantly sprinting up and down the field, which often leads to cramping and other injuries. Trainers run out on the field at every opportunity to hydrate players who are temporarily incapacitated. Similar to soccer, ice hockey players are continually sprinting up and down the ice. You’ll often see coaches call out players to leave the ice and rest. They hop over the fence and take a seat on the bench where a trainer assesses the player’s condition and dispenses doses of water or sports drinks for rehydration.

The cap on the sports bottles is designed to release quick spurts of liquid in manageable gulps to quickly hydrate the athlete so the trainer can move on to the next player. Often, the timeout (such as in American Football) allows only 30 seconds for the trainer to get on and off the field before the game resumes. Keep your team hydrated and boost morale at the same time. Order custom TeamSafe Gear water and sports drink bottles with the team logo prominently displayed for all to see.

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